About Us

Meet Alice... mum of three, Beaver leader, eco queen, super-sonic runner (seriously, she'd outrun Road Runner!), ex-teacher and all round helpful, happy and kind soul. Oh, and it just so happens, she's excellent on a sewing machine.

Kelly is... not a runner (she tried, injured herself and is content with a weekly pilates class). 20 years spent within the children's publishing world before a full-on burnout a few years ago meant re-evaluating life as an almost 40-year-old mum of boys. Always buzzing with ideas and dreaming of a world where she could launch her own business...

So, with a friendship spanning nearly a decade, we had a chat in summer 2021 which snowballed into our very own business... Funkies!

We've always looked at ways to be more planet friendly, forever swapping ideas and new brands we've discovered. On that sunny morning, mid cuppa, we talked about all the good habits we'd adopted over the years, from the obvious reusable coffee cups, to plastic free pens and washable sanitary wear.

What would be next we wondered as Kelly lent over to grab a tissue. Hold on, how bad are tissues for the environment we Googled? Eek, 250 billion single-use tissues are thrown away every year in the US. Crikey, whatever happened to the good old handkerchief? But yuck, what happens to it after you've used it? Snot at the bottom of your handbag, no thanks. And aren't they all embroidered or checked anyway? And what about travel tissues, all wrapped in plastic that sit at the bottom of every bag we own? 

But how about if there was a way to fold away the nastiness afterwards? And what if we had a little pouch in our bags with one side for clean and the other for dirty? And what if they were animal print? Maybe we were onto something...

Could little old us convince people to make the switch from single-use face tissues to reusable (fun, soft and thoughtfully made) hankies? What if, 5 years from now, it's the norm to carry Funkies around?

Can we change habits? We'll give it our best shot!