Why hankies?

Are face tissues really that bad?

Way back in 1930, Kleenex launched single-use tissues with the slogan 'the handkerchief you can throw away'. Fast forward to 2022 and in the US alone there are more than 250 billion tissues thrown away every year. Doing some quick maths, we estimate that means about 50 billion in the UK - madness!

What harm do tissues have on the environment?

  • They are made from trees which take decades to grow and destroy wildlife habitats when they are cut down
  • Manufacturing of tissues uses copious amounts of water and electricity and the factories emit pollution into the air
  • Transportation to and from factories uses CO2 emitting vehicles

What do we use tissues or hankies for?

Think of all the times you've reached for a tissue... they're not just for full blown colds. It could be allergies, tears, sweat, make up in your eye, a leaky nose when it's cold, to wipe a scraped knee.

Let's talk money!

How many boxes of tissues do you buy per year? How many packs of plastic wrapped travel tissues (that often sit, half used in the bottom of your bag)? Save your pennies and invest in a few Funkies which will last you YEARS!

Tell me more about Funkies

Our mission is to help you make the switch from single use tissues to hankies easy-peasy with our unique and thoughtful solutions:

Foldaway Hankies

Our foldaway hankies are clever (if we do say so ourselves), they have an integrated pocket to keep your Funkies clean in the first place, once you've used it, just fold or scrunch it back into the pocket and throw it in the wash (we wash ours at 30 degrees along with the rest of our laundry) and it'll be ready to go again.

Travel Pouches

Moving onto our travel pouches, these have been designed to replace travel tissues. The pouch is similar in size with two sections - one for clean and one for dirty. They come with three mini hankies (the same size as most travel tissues). Throw the whole lot in with your washing when you've used them and continue with your day!


What's more, our leftover fabric gets put to good use too! It could be face masks or hair scrunchies, we try to use every scrap.